Alina and Axl’s wedding weekend included Cambodian and American wedding traditions for a full weekend of celebrations.

Multi-Cultural Wedding Weekend in Virginia | Alina & Axl


Alina and Axl combined their Cambodian heritage and American upbringing for an incredible wedding weekend celebration. With two days of ceremonies, delicious food, and gorgeous outfits, their wedding was truly unique and so special.

Cambodian Wedding Ceremony

Axl and Alina’s wedding weekend started with a traditional Cambodian celebration. Alina got ready at her parents’ house which was beautifully decorated and set for the ceremony. The celebration started with the Hai Goan Gomlom – the procession of the groom and his family to the bride’s family home. Axl’s family came bearing an array of gifts for his bride, from intricate statues to exotic fruits. Family and friends were then introduced and everyone moved into the ceremony space for the Kaat Sah. Kaat Sah is a cleansing ceremony that symbolizes the couple’s new start and includes a symbolic cutting of the couple’s hair. After a delicious lunch of Cambodian delicacies, Axl and Alina were blessed by the married couples in their life in a ceremony known as Bongvii Pbopul followed by their Sompeas Ptem or knot-tying ceremony. During this ceremony family and friends tie strings around the couples’ wrists, representing the couple’s everlasting love. 

This first day of Alina and Axl’s wedding weekend was incredibly special to be a part of. I always love getting to experience and learn from cultural wedding traditions, especially ones that focus so heavily on family. Axl and Alina both looked absolutely stunning as they donned several different outfits throughout the day, and it was the perfect start to an incredible weekend. 

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American Wedding Celebration

On the second day of their wedding weekend, Alina and Axl had an American wedding celebration at the Westwood Country Club. They prioritized a classic wedding aesthetic with English garden inspiration, with a gorgeous ballroom reception under crystal chandeliers and pink roses and peonies throughout. The golden yellow strings from their Sompeas Ptem remained around their wrist, as a reminder of their earlier celebration and the strength of their relationship. 

Axl and Alina started their day with a private first look in the garden of their venue. When Axl laid eyes on Alina he immediately started to tear up, and Alina was quick to follow suit. The love between them was palpable and it was clear they were ready for their big day. Even more tears were shed during their heartfelt ceremony, but then it was time to party! 

One of the things that Alina and Axl were most excited about during their wedding weekend was their reception. They took dancing lessons in the weeks leading up to their wedding to prepare for their choreographed first dance which absolutely wowed their friends and family. After dinner, Alina traded in her heels for a pair of bridal Crocs and joined her groom on the dance floor where they stayed for the rest of the evening. These two were the life of the party, and it made for a spectacular celebration.

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Full Weekend Wedding Photography

Alina and Axl’s wedding is a great example of why I love capturing full weekends for wedding couples. Whether you are having a multi-day cultural celebration or want coverage of your welcome party or rehearsal dinner, there are so many events that take place outside of your actual wedding day that you’ll want to remember! Extending your wedding photography coverage to the entire weekend is the perfect way to make sure these events are documented.


Venue: Westwood Country Club
Planner: Will & Rose Events
Photography: Michelle Jones Photography
Videography: Once Like a Spark
Hair & Makeup: Vow by Alondra
Officiant: Mona Nguonly
DJ: DJ Chris Styles
Catering: Westwood Country Club
Dessert: Pastries by Randolph
Audio Guest Book: After The Tone

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