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It may sound excessive at first, but not opting for a second photographer can be a major wedding day regret! Here’s why to book one!

Do You Need a Second Photographer at your Wedding?


Don’t let this be a wedding day regret!

Bride and Groom at Agecroft Hall second photographer

I know. It might sound excessive, and you might be wondering why you need a second photographer (also called a second shooter) for your wedding. That’s why you came to this blog post! There are many benefits of having a second photographer on your wedding day, and many couples have admitted that not hiring two photographers is one of their biggest wedding regrets.  

If you’re on the fence about adding a second photographer, here are a few reasons it’s a GREAT idea: 

You’ll be able to get photos of both sides of the wedding party at the same time

Typically, you and your partner, along with your respective wedding parties, get ready in different rooms and sometimes different locations. If you have a second shooter, you’ll be able to get photos of both sides at the same time. That way you won’t have to sacrifice time with your photographer to make sure they get photos of your partner getting ready as well. It also allows for more flexibility with your wedding coverage and timeline! 

Check out Nicole & Thomas’s wedding day that included a second photographer!

Having a second shooter will allow you to capture everyone’s reaction to big moments  

You definitely want photos of you walking down the aisle, but your partner’s reaction is important too! When your primary photographer focuses on the you, the second shooter will capture your partner’s reaction. The second shooter will also help capture family member reactions and other in-between moments. These are moments you certainly won’t regret capturing, and you’ll love looking through later on! 

A second photographer can help streamline post-ceremony family and wedding party photos 

Have a large family or wedding party? Having another person in charge of posing and organizing can really make the process run smoothly. Excitement is high after the ceremony, and forcing a large group of people to quiet down, listen, and cooperate while posing them for photos can be challenging! A second shooter organizes groupings, directs your guests, and keep things on schedule. A more streamlined process means you can get to your party sooner!  

Have a big venue? A second photographer can cover more ground 

If your venue is on the larger side, and your guest list is extensive, having a second shooter will help you capture more candid reception moments. Want to sneak away and take sunset photos of just you and your partner at your reception venue? A second photographer can stay and capture photos of your guests during the reception while you sneak away. Having a second photographer also acts like an insurance plan for your photos, so in case your photographer is using the restroom, there is always a photographer present.  

More variety in your wedding gallery 

A second photographer will be able to capture photos at different angles and add variety to your final gallery. You’ll enjoy many more photos that tell a cohesive story of your day.

Having a second photographer at your wedding may seem excessive at first, but in order to ensure that all of your important moments are captured, it’s necessary! Don’t let this be one of your wedding regrets.  

Luckily, all of my full-day wedding collections include a hand-selected second photographer to serve you well on your wedding day. I edit the photos into a cohesive, curated gallery, so you end up with even more beautiful memories from your once-in-a-lifetime event. This is one of many ways I seek to add value for my clients, and ensure you make an excellent investment in preserving your wedding day memories. 


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Venue: Agecroft Hall
Gown: Claire Pettibone
Tux: Generation Tux
Florals: Brosseau Events
Hair & Make-Up: The Beauty Soiree, Nicole McLaughlin, Ashley Sanchez
Jewelry: Eden Luxe Bridal
Planning & Design: Design and Collective Weddings

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